Are you struggling to find employment? Do you think your resume is due for an overhaul, or have you been recently made redundant and just need a little more confidence to get back into the workforce again?

Whatever it may be, Down South Consultancy understands that Job Searching can be tough and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be – A new professionally laid out Resume and Cover Letter with ongoing support from one of our experienced consultants may just be what you need!!

It’s tough and competitive out there, but creating a Resume which highlights your skills and abilities is something that we pride ourselves on…. So if you are ready to get out of your “Job Searching Rut” – Contact one of our career consultants now!!

What our Customers Say..

“I am very happy with the finished resume that you did for me and the service that you provided and will not think twice about recommending you in the future. I really appreciated your personalised service too”
“Very happy with the prompt service and professional wording used that was relevant to my Industry, skills and experience”
“Very satisfied with end result, had good communication from Denise, was very helpful”
“It looks great! Even I would hire myself. Great work on the resume, I will be more than happy to recommend you to my friends”
“Thank you very much, i am very impressed overall with the resumes and cover letters. I won’t hesitate to recommend you to others”
“I have found a job and start on Tuesday. Just wanted to say thank you to Denise and all the other people out there that helped out!”
“I read your posts about jobs and feel I need to share. I have numerous qualifications and felt I had a good resume. I returned to Darwin and couldn’t get an interview being told I was under or more so over qualified. I didn’t want to return to my original field as I was bored. After 3 months I was getting desperate. Down South Consultancy helped me with an overhaul and selection criteria. Within 2 weeks I was offered my dream position within my field and the other position. I am no affiliated with them but it worked for me. Hello big $$$$$”
I just wanted give a big shout out to Down South Consultancy Services. I recently had a Resume written for my 16 year old son. Denise went above and beyond the call of duty to get it finished asap ( I didn’t give her much notice ) Service is second to none, and the finished product was fantastic. I was very impressed. Thank you Denise.
E. Jones