We wish we could, but we cannot. We do guarantee your documents will be more exceptional than they were previously. However, we are ONLY a resume writing Business in Western Australia. As resume writers, we have little or no control over a wide range of issues that can directly affect whether or not job seekers are interviewed or are hired. Examples include whether there are enough positions available in the market in the first instance, whether job seekers apply to enough positions, whether they apply to those positions that are appropriate for their level, which markets or regions they target, how attractive their online presence is, whether they blog on their areas of expertise, if they network their resumes to get them into the right hands, how well they brand themselves, and of course, how effectively they sharpen their telephone screening and interview skills.  We always advise that job seekers tidy up their social media profiles and online presence so they are not being screened out the process because they have an online presence that could hinder your success as a job candidate for the companies to which you are applying.